Guerlain – Automatic Shine

Guerlain - Automatic Shine
Guerlain – Automatic Shine

“Building on its success, this practical sheath case, its delicious texture, this new rich range of 12 shades, allows more than ever to play to the full color, the real color that strikes, but… in transparency! In spring, Natalia passionately loves all these colors on her childish lips, adores the glitter-girly effect, softening the most cheerful and joyful shade! ” Olivier Echaudemaison.

Guerlain Automatic Shine

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Automatically ACCESSORY… The accessory Red. To play as a jewel, a bag or a pair of stilettos.

Automatically GLITTER… An ULTRA-SHINY, ULTRA GLITTER result and a transparent texture to match every outfit.

Automatically COLORS… 12 irresistible new shades. Pure and spicy colors to be dazzling in the blink of an eye.



Shine Automatic - Lipstick

A promise of BRILLIANCE… A cocktail of different creative, tone-on-tone, contrasting, red, blue or gold pearlescent and light reflectors, which boost the lips with a subtly glittery sparkle.

A promise of TRANSPARENCY… A very fine texture that blends with the skin to provide perfect hydration and maximum comfort. The lips are soft, smooth and deliciously glossy.

A promise of COLOR… Thanks to the crystal pigment, which unlike the classic white pigment, no longer has an opaque background. More transparent, it brings purity and radiance to the colors.

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