Limited Edition For A Kiss IKKS Romantic Wild

For A Kiss Romantic Wild limited edition IKKS

IKKS For A Kiss Romantic Wild, the scent of romantic and wild young girls

The IKKS brand was born in 1987 and initially made trendy and creative clothes for children. Little by little, however, she expressed the need to diversify her activity. Thus, she had the idea of ​​launching into perfumery. In fact, more and more luxury brands are targeting a young audience with the aim of introducing them to scents and making them appreciate perfumery from childhood or adolescence. In this context, IKKS decided to transform one of its famous feminine perfumes for young girls and make it the new IKKS For A Kiss Romantic Wild.

IKKS For A Kiss Romantic Wild, a contemporary and spontaneous fragrance

IKKS For A Kiss Romantic Wild is for all young girls today who are not lacking in spontaneity. It is charged with liveliness and gives us the portrait of a woman in the making, free and modern. If its bottle adopts a very refined color, do not believe that IKKS For A Kiss Romantic Wild is aimed at a young girl who is too prudish. He does not lack passion and impertinence and reveals to us all the emotion that we feel during a first love . He has a wild side in him and preserves a laughing side that is very present in the IKKS brand.

For A Kiss Romantic Wild, an invigorating and spontaneous juice

IKKS For A Kiss Romantic Wild is a fragrance that begins with an intense sensation of freshness. It combines tangerine, red fruits and peach. With him, everything is a question of cheerfulness and tenderness. Then, romanticism takes over. IKKS For A Kiss Romantic Wild is wrapped in a huge bouquet of flowers composed of lily of the valley, peony and jasmine. Finally, it ends with a smoother base of amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

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