Mythical Incense: the last piece in Guerlain’s Absolu d’Orient Collection

Mythical Incense: the last piece in Guerlain's Absolu d'Orient Collection
Mythical Incense: the last piece in Guerlain’s Absolu d’Orient Collection

Mythical Incense, a new creation joins Guerlain’s Absolu d’Orient Collection

The Guerlain house has always been fascinated by the Orient. Moreover, one of his most famous perfumes, Shalimar, comes directly from India, echoing all the splendours of the Taj Mahal. All the perfumers of the Guerlain family were eager to travel, and the brand’s perfumery is the perfect echo of this passion. Guerlain never shuns its share of the exotic and uses perfumery to take our imaginations on a journey. This is how the Absolu d’Orient Collection was born. Today, this fragrant assortment is enriched with two newcomers, starting with the creation of an essence called Mythical Incense.

Guerlain’s Absolu d’Orient Collection

First of all, let’s start by presenting the Absolu d’Orient Collection by Guerlain. The latter was born out of Guerlain’s love for the Orient, a part of the globe that many consider to be one of the cradles of perfumery. In this unique place, countless smells mingle. Fruits, woods, flowers, spices, etc. Everything comes together to spark Guerlain’s imagination. Thus, at the instigation of Thierry Wasser, exclusive perfumer of Guerlain, the Absolu d’Orient Collection has chosen to highlight a few iconic raw materials from this part of the world. Each fragrance from this assortment highlights a specific ingredient, and sublimates it by adding other raw materials located in the background. Royal Sandalwood,

Mythical Incense, a burning and oriental fragrance

Incense Mythique by Guerlain is an enigmatic fragrance, oriental at will, and burning with desire. Like all the juices belonging to the Absolu d’Orient Collection, Encens Mythique is a unisex fragrance aimed at both men and women. He possesses in him all the spell of oriental incense, an aerial element but intensely powerful. The latter is here embellished with pink for more elegance and subtlety. Ambergris, meanwhile, gives it all its softness and depth. It is he who brings to Mythical Incense all its intense character. An infinitely luxurious raw material, ambergris is a sign of all the prestige of this collection. Incense Mythique is an enveloping, precious and endearing fragrance.

When Guerlain’s cylindrical bottle takes on a baroque appearance

For the occasion, Incense Mythique is reappropriating the bottle of its predecessors. Its oriental scent is housed in a cylindrical and completely opaque bottle, something rare enough in perfumery to be emphasized. Tied with a black and gold ribbon, Incens Mythique does not shy away from its depth and intensity. Its mystery is associated with prestige, in an infinitely baroque style. The Mythical Incense bottle is adorned with a label with golden arabesques. For the record, the patterns that run through its walls are inspired by the designs of the C’est Moi powder created by Guerlain at the end of the 1920s.

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