Nina Ricci – Miniature Box 2013

Nina Ricci - Miniature Box 2013
Nina Ricci – Miniature Box 2013

Find the most beautiful bottles of Nina Ricci perfumes in miniatures …

Nina Ricci Miniatures Box

Buy Nina Ricci’s 2013 Miniatures Box at a low price on Fragrenza Perfumes online perfumery.

Rediscover the gourmet fragrances of Nina Eau de Toilette, l’Air du Temps Eau de Toilette, Ricci Ricci, Mademoiselle Ricci and the 2013 novelty Nina L’Eau.

A house of art and creation.

A constant collaboration with artists who know how to translate our contemporary thought and anticipate the sensibilities of tomorrow. Respect for women and an enhancement of their personality. A universe of sensoriality.

An experience, a know-how. A systematic search for excellence in quality as well as in details.

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