Nina Ricci unveils the new set of her perfume Luna

Nina Ricci unveils the new set of her perfume Luna
Nina Ricci unveils the new set of her perfume Luna

Luna, the captivating heroine of Nina Ricci in a new box set

Since 2006, the Nina Ricci house shines thanks to the image of its heroine, Nina . Nevertheless, since 2016, Nina has a little sister. Luna reveals to us the image of a more sensual, impetuous and determined woman. She is a more instinctive, strong and daring kind of alter ego of Nina. Just as seductive as her eldest, she plunges us into a particularly gourmet and captivating universe. She too has all the energy and ardor of youth. Nina and Luna have thus become known allies in the world. Today, Luna shows us her most beautiful face and offers it to us in a sumptuous gift box.

The floral and gourmet scent of Luna

Luna is a very daring fragrance , both delicious and mysterious. She immediately dares an unexpected accord of caramel and immortelle. Its base is based on an enveloping and woody sensation. Each raw material gives us the best of itself and unfolds its most alluring facet. The flight of this perfume is beautiful and luminous. It combines orange blossom with wild berries. White flowers enrich her heart. The addiction ends with a carnal blend of vanilla, sandalwood and honey.

Nina Ricci’s blue box for Luna

Luna is delivered to us in a box that perfectly matches its sumptuous bottle . In a bluish color, it has a very couture spirit. It contains Luna’s spray in a 50 ml format as well as a creamy body lotion as a gift. Thus, the smell of Luna will never leave you and dress your body from head to toe while taking care of your skin.

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