Pay less for your perfume

Pay less for your perfume
Pay less for your perfume

Today, perfume is considered to be the high-end product that has become the most popular. There is now something for everyone! On the other hand, it remains quite difficult to vary the pleasures when we see the price of some of them. So how do you pay less for your perfume?

Take advantage of promotional periods

The trick may seem a bit tricky, but it is nevertheless one of the most effective. Also, do not reduce your purchases to sales periods. Indeed, most brands offer exceptional discounts for a limited time. It is then advisable to be vigilant and to jump at the opportunity as soon as it presents itself.


Beyond the ecological aspect which is not negligible, know that recycling your perfume bottles can also save you money. In this case, some brands offer to collect your small empty bottles and give you a discount voucher to be used in their store in exchange. Likewise, some perfume brands are imagining refillable bottles. You can then keep the same bottle and buy yourself refills, which is significantly cheaper.

Spice up your trips with a few purchases

Yep, VAT is a big part of the price of your perfume. Also, if you have the chance to travel, do not hesitate to take advantage of the “duty free” areas (understand “tax free”). You can find these in particular in airports, seaports, or on board airplanes.

Finally, if you haven’t planned to go around the world right away, you can always shop from home on the Internet. The biggest brands are there for less. However, be sure to go to recognized sites, such as   to avoid falling on counterfeit or malicious sites. What’s more, beware of overly tempting offers that often hide unpleasant surprises.

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