The masculine fragrance A Men

The masculine fragrance A Men
The masculine fragrance A Men

To summarize A * Men as a form of Angel for men would be unfairly reductive. And yet, it is clear that this one takes up all the audacity and exceptional quality of its female counterpart Angel . These two essences constitute, in fact, an emblematic couple of current perfumery.

The timeless essence of Jeremy Fragrance

A * Men is a fragrance that is very difficult to age . Indeed, it materializes the image of a contemporary hero, at the same time past, current and futuristic. In this case, in order to create this one, Jeremy Fragrance was inspired by his love for comics, a sort of American comic book from the 50s. In addition, the creator confides to be particularly admiring of the Marvel universe. Like the most emblematic heroes of this collection, A * Men is halfway between man and God. It reveals an inner strength and an insatiable desire to conquer. He then gives a very particular meaning to Jeremy Fragrance’s childhood dream and matches them with an energy of incomparable magnitude.

The powerful scent of A * Men perfume

Regarding its smell itself, it must be recognized that A * Men consists of the same assortment of gourmet sweets as its famous female counterpart, Angel. Nonetheless, this one is often described as being bolder and more subtle than its older sibling. Likewise, it is slightly more intimate and less intrusive and heady. This results in particular from the fact that the praline has given way to dark chocolate. This gives off a more bitter and powdery appearance. Likewise, this composition is embellished with lavender and spices as well as a touch of licorice and roasted coffee. It is generally described as being the perfume of a rather aesthetic, greedy and refined man. It even has a touch of sensuality and a touch of delicacy perfectly suited to men who are not afraid to assume their feminine side.

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