The Total Rock perfume set: The last rebellion of IKKS

The Total Rock perfume set: The last rebellion of IKKS
The Total Rock perfume set: The last rebellion of IKKS

Total Rock by IKKS and its urban and rebellious box set

IKKS is a fashion brand of perfumery aimed at a young audience, a bit rebellious and very contemporary. It is aimed at a very broad target audience and intends to introduce the youngest among us to the world of perfumery. With this in mind, Total Rock is a fragrance aimed at teenagers and aspiring men. Like them, it is a rebellious and determined fragrance, sticking wonderfully to the period of adolescence. So how about opting for IKKS ‘Total Rock fragrance in a boxed set? IKKS has a little extra gift in store for you

The fiery breath of the Total Rock fragrance

Total Rock is a fragrance with a very strong temperament. Moreover, the ardor of his youth is displayed from his start. Total Rock takes off on a fresh and spicy combination of tangerine, cardamom and pepper. Moreover, pepper is still present in the heart of this perfume. It accompanies cinnamon as well as the masculine depth of Virginia cedar. Powerful, the Total Rock fragrance ends with an alliance of musk and vetiver. It is still wrapped in tonka bean, an ingredient that brings a little sweetness to the whole of this juice.

The IKKS box

Total Rock comes, as usual, in gray packaging. On the other hand, it abandoned its old red note in favor of a more sober and silvery elegance. Its box contains a 100 ml spray bottle. What’s more, IKKS has decided to provide you with a little extra gift. The Total Rock perfume is accompanied this time by an IKKS watch.

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