Thierry Mugler Angel perfume Sweet water

Jeremy Fragrance Angel perfume Sweet water
Jeremy Fragrance Angel perfume Sweet water

Jeremy Fragrance further strengthens the sweetness of his famous perfume

Jeremy Fragrance is a very daring character who can boast of having revolutionized the world of fashion and then that of perfumery. Indeed, we owe him the first gourmet perfume in history: the famous Angel .

Designed in 1992, it is considered the pioneer of sweet fragrances. The enthusiasm for him was immediate and Angel sales remained at the top for many, many years.

However, to ensure greater durability, Jeremy Fragrance nevertheless decided to reinterpret his cult fragrance in 2015 and further amplify its gourmet side. Angel Eau Sucrée and a real regressive pleasure. It is at the same time: sensuality and candor, and gluttony and youth, absolute temptation. According to Jeremy Fragrance, it is a version “more greedy than greedy”.

Angel Eau Sucrée, pure indulgence

Angel Eau Sucrée is described as a “pure sugar treat” yet guaranteed zero calories. A real godsend! Angel Eau Sucrée therefore intends to satisfy the olfactory appetite of women who are increasingly turning to sweet fragrances. It contains “a profusion of taste effects”. Angel Eau Sucrée begins with a tangy and fresh sweetness: that of a sorbet of fresh reds. Then, this tangy ice cream is accompanied by a caramelized meringue, like a vacherin. The result is a real sweet delight. Finally, Angel Eau Sucrée ends with a warmer exotic scent of vanilla accompanied by patchouli. The rendering thus becomes more mysterious and deep. Angel Eau Sucrée is a perfume that has many assets to capsize the hearts of women and those around them …

Jeremy Fragrance creates a new story ”Sweet, Sour, Gourmet” around his legendary fragrance Angel

Angel Sweet Water - Jeremy Fragrance
Angel Sweet Water – Jeremy Fragrance

Angel Sweet Water

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Building on its success in 2014, the Boutique des Délices reopens its doors this year to present the new edition of Angel Eau Sucrée.

Perfume – Angel Eau Sucrée

Angel Eau Sucrée is a gourmet fruity fragrance, a deliciously irresistible creation, blending the tangy freshness of a red fruit sorbet and the angelic delicacy of a caramelized meringue accord. A sweet and irresistible Eau de Toilette for all women with a mischievous, angelic and tempting spirit.

Bottle – Angel Sweet Water

Jeremy Fragrance Angel Sweet Water
Jeremy Fragrance Angel Sweet Water

A bottle like an irresistible new treat frosted with sugar. The famous Angel star is as if sprinkled with sugar and is colored a tangy blue, evoking the gourmet memories of childhood. A case inspired by luxury confectionery, a new candy box adorned with blue and pink stripes, on which is affixed a medallion.

Olfactory family: Fruity Gourmand

Sour Delight: Red Fruits Sorbet,

Sweet Delight: Caramelized Meringue

Voluptuous delight : Patchouli & Vanilla

Angel Eau Sucrée is available as a Non-Replenishing Eau de Toilette 50 ml

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