Yves Saint Laurent perfume Black Opium Nuit Blanche

Black Opium Nuit Blanche YSL
Black Opium Nuit Blanche YSL

The fragrance Black Opium Nuit Blanche YSL

Before being a haute couture house, Yves Saint Laurent is above all a brand that asserts its personality. He creates a world of luxury, daring and sensuality in which perfumes express an emotion. Her style is timeless and women of character can be recognized in her products. Also, in order to always better satisfy them, Yves Saint Laurent regularly launches new, ever more surprising dream cases. Thus, it already seems that the latest addition to the house plans to show the tip of his nose in February 2016. For Valentine’s Day, Yves Saint Laurent unveils a completely different version of his famous Black Opium: Nuit Blanche .

La Nuit Blanche, a universe that Yves Saint Laurent continues to appropriate.

As you can see, this Nuit Blanche version will be a brand new one from the Yves Saint Laurent house. And yet his name may ring a bell. Rest assured, you are not losing your mind! In fact, several of Yves Saint Laurent’s products already bear this designation. The brand indeed offers a Nuit Blanche mascara for a real staging of your eyes. This one has so many promises, namely volume, length and extreme curves. In short, it gives you doe eyes and a bewitching gaze.

Thus, it will accompany you and sublimate you until the end of the night, resistant to all emotions, even the most rock and roll. Likewise, Yves Saint Laurent offers a Nuit Blanche couture varnish. This is a concentrate of glitter. Far from being a glittery top-coat that you put on top of the color varnish, it very densely covers the nail with an opaque and intense glitter, ultra shiny. Intensely sparkling, it reveals an element of glamor without lacking in daring. Also, in this continuity, Yves Saint Laurent has decided to launch a perfume and he has found nothing better than to revisit his star fragrance Black Opium.

Black Opium lights up during a crazy White Night

With this new Nuit Blanche version which will see the light of day in February 2016, Yves Saint Laurent reaffirms his daring mixed with his eternal sensuality. The universe of luxury is omnipresent and, although this version is apparently softer than the first installment, it does not lack character. It conveys real emotion and expresses the charisma and elegance of a woman who asserts herself without needing to show off. For the occasion, the emblematic bottle of Black Opium is dressed in incandescent white sequins like so many reflections of the electric lights of a city that never sleeps.

The universe of Black Opium Nuit Blanche is electric and hypnotic. This third installment in the Black Opium saga has not yet been released and already promises to be totally addicting. Always very rock, it retains its unique coffee-based olfactory signature. However, its heart lights up with orange blossom and white musks soften the whole to enhance its femininity. As always, the composition is very well structured and, if you were overwhelmed by the classic Black Opium, then you should be in heaven when you discover this new jewel by Yves Saint Laurent.

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