Sisley – Phyto-Eye Twist

Sisley's Phyto-Eye Twist
Sisley‘s Phyto-Eye Twist

Discover the new Sisley makeup product, it offers all-in-one eyelid makeup

Phyto-Eye Twist

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Revolution in eye makeup products here is the first “jumbo” pencil offering color, care & hold to your eyelid makeup. Easy to apply thanks to a mine that is neither too oily nor too fine to allow you to color your eyelids by giving them the shape you want. It also offers the possibility of drawing a liner line.

Phyto-Eye Twist pencils offer a sensory texture and hold that lasts all day long: Waterproof formula. From its application you will feel a sensation of softness and comfort, in fact its formula enriched with Green Tea, Camellia and White Lily does not dry out the eyelids.

For a tailor-made result Sisley offers 8 shades with different finishes that you can wear alone or combined to create a multitude of looks, we can group them into three categories according to their results and their uses:

The Universelles: 1 Topaz, 2 Bronze, 3 Khaki for use as a base, light contour, light point.

The Essentials: 4 Steel, 6 Marine, 7 Havana ideally designed to structure your eyes, preferably used in the outer corner of your eye or as an eyeliner.

Graphics: 5 Lagoon, 8 Black Diamond they enhance your looks to use as eyeliner or graphic line.

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